vendredi 3 octobre 2014

Fukasawa AkiraTakeshi

December 11 1905, I born as the only child in the house of small landowners in Iwate Prefecture Sawauchi village. Elementary school were enrolled in elementary school Sonritsu Shinmachi Ota Bunkyojo. Bright, personality wise harder than others, but hearted that was always friendly child. From academic is was excellent, the process proceeds to Tohoku Imperial University through the Sendaidainikotogakko Ichinoseki from junior high school after. From experience that tilted the household goods grandfather Fukasawa is a politician once, it was desired to become a doctor from the parents, but the person graduated as it is Tsukashi disgusted medical school early, and he moved to the Faculty of Law and Literature secretly after were. He worked in Shanghai, Taiwan Governor, and Manchuria heavy industry development was then exert their shrewdness. During this time, married a fellow devotee Tanaka. And bestow a Child, but disappear sudden death in pregnancy toxemia during pregnancy two second child. The married Kikuchi Miki twelve turnip village Waga County (now Hanamaki) born after, two people became the companion of a lifetime.

August 15, 1945, Fukasawa was greeted by a coal mine in Manchuria the end of the war with his wife Miki. Amid the chaos, he was forced to the verge of receiving the death sentence heh People's court as the vanguard of the invaders, but received a fortunate acquittal, was returned to Japan for one's life literally. Fukasawa that was returned to Sawauchi village, was a lecturer of "current affairs" in the engaged Beside Youth Association learning courses in agriculture. Around this time, focusing on qualities objectivity and foresight, as a politician villagers are partly cultivated by overseas assignments Fukasawa, you are trying to recruit to the village mayor candidate, but was frustrated there is no feel that the person.

Name of Tatsuo Saito as the person who influenced the Fukasawa of this time, had been a lecturer of Youth Association learning courses as well as he can be mentioned. In Japan Communist Party members of the original surgeon Ensign, Saito was also a debate opponent is a friend for Fukasawa. In the "story of communism", in charge of Saito claimed "the realization of communism is required for fundamental solution of contradictions of capitalism, the transition to communism from capitalism is a historical inevitability," said . It argued that "it is necessary to solve the reality problem in the village first" even while recognized as one of the ideal communist, Fukasawa was to expand the theory from the viewpoint of spaced apart only with communism against this. Fukasawa was fought hassles many times and Saito also after that, both in terms of "democracy is required in respect of human, peace is necessary for the expulsion of the poor is Required" opinion was consistent deeply. I can say that political philosophy of Fukasawa "what dignity and respect of life mission of a maximum of politics," said, and was nurtured among the dispute with Saito.

1948, Fukasawa joined Sasebo ship industry (now Sasebo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.) is tapped to the boss of the Manchu era. It was decided to leave the village again. 1950, two years after (1950), the Korean War broke out when he joined the company, shipbuilding industry in Japan was boiled in special demand. Sasebo ship industry is no exception, I was hired workers in large numbers this time. But in 1953, attacked by a recession called "peace Depression" armistice is signed, employee layoffs of employees has become a major problem. It was opposed to the way of the company to try beheading easily just because recession, but his job was to advance the workforce reduction ironically Fukasawa himself. It off to be worried, he submitted his resignation, leaving the Sasebo you have lived for five years. After a company working in Tokyo about a year, I returned to the village Sawauchi 1954 to (1954), Fukazawa became the English teacher part-time local high school.

Sawauchi village once known as the poor, especially land in Iwate prefecture, annual tribute rice paid to the southern clan in the entire village is not ready two years Tenmei in (1782) around, beautiful village daughter of 16-year-old instead-it was a poor village that sad legend that was presented to the clan Oyone remains. Therefore harsh environments such, that the life of the infant is deprived from poor health and the environment malnutrition coming from poverty are often Sawauchi village at the time, infant mortality and about 7%, of Iwate Prefecture is a nationwide lowest was the highest among them (Tokyo at that time about 2.7%) [2]. Also, Sawauchi village is famous as heavy snowfall leading Japanese, there is a snow cover more than to Yu 3 m in winter. Road is closed in the snow in winter and therefore, to carry to the hospital infant sick and also Mamanarazu, there many cases the way to transport so sled the sick that aggravated the cold, the patient would die while you get stuck in snow were. In this village, to die sick without receiving treatment was of course very. In addition, elderly suicide thought "can take to the hospital to lose property of the house in that treatment costs run up" is also (called "stove-back") deep-rooted, and so as not to burden the household for the poverty that excessive it was not uncommon. That according to the doctor the first time since the death there were many. This is because you get to write the death certificate.

The sorrow the tragic situation of Sawauchi village, began to ask the students to be like? "I think gentlemen, Sawauchi village and I remain now" face down the textbook in class is Fukazawa. This becomes a reputation, he was appointed superintendent of schools at the request of the office. The belief "unity and cooperation of residents is essential in the village building livable" and, it was realized by prompting the formation of staff union of office Youth Council and Women's Council, and agricultural cooperatives youth since he took office other was, I was active himself and serve editor-in-chief of public relations paper of the village, folk preservation Society chairman, Iwate Prefecture Nameko Sawauchi Association branch president.

This performance is evaluated, in 1956, he was appointed Fukasawa Sawauchi village deputy mayor. It was a short period of seven months, but worked with the assistant village headman. And 32 the following year Showa (1957), ran for village chief election under the slogan the "village building a bright and healthy rich", I played the winning unopposed.